Shopping for Pit Bulls: What’s the Difference?

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Shopping for Pit Bulls: What’s the Difference?

Learn the crucial differences between each pit bull breed.

There are no shortages of blue and red nose pitbull breeders online, and across the United States, but each breeder usually specializes in different types of dogs. For instance, some breeders might focus on breeding for the animal’s height or chest size. Others might prioritize head size or coat color.

Ideally, a breeder wants to be able to master all of these attributes but that’s the fun (and challenge) of pitbull breeding. Here, we look at the different kinds of pitbulls you’ll often find for sale at various breeders both on an offline.


The size of the dog is one of the most defining features. The largest pit bulls are billed as a “bully pitbull”, which can be a misleading name. The dog isn’t any more or less aggressive than any other, but the size of it fully grown led people to give it the name. Simply put, a bully pitbull tends to have girth and a muscular body.


Another defining feature is color, but this can also be misleading to new buyers. Blue nose pit bulls, for instance, might be advertised as XXL pitbull puppies for sale if the size matches that category. In addition, we know that blue nose pit bulls don’t always have that defining characteristic. There are times when the nose appears off color for reasons that are difficult to pinpoint.

Final Thoughts

All pitbulls share a similar disposition: carefree and happy. These dogs are very social animals, which makes them great to be around kids. Take them for daily walks and give them lots of toys to play with.

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