3D Printing Technology Will Change How You View the World

Nov 28, 2019 by

3D Printing Technology Will Change How You View the World

Let’s say you are working on a construction project at home and need a very specific piece to help put it all together. Rather than having to buy way too many of that one piece or possibly not even being able to find it in stores, you could simply get the dimensions, model it via design software on your computer, and then print it out. This is all possible with 3D printing. Scientists are researching how this technology can be leveraged to change how people live.

Ease of Use

Scientists are hard at work to deliver the next big thing in the area of wearable technology: 3D printed contact lenses that fit as well as those from stores like Lens.com. Most contact lenses you find today fall into one of two categories: prescription lenses to enhance vision or colored lenses that someone can use to alter the appearance of their eyes. These 3D printed contact lenses are being designed with digital applications in mind, giving people yet another, perhaps more convenient, way to interact with technology.

Always on You

The beauty of having a phone or laptop is that it can nearly always be on you. These devices can easily fit in a backpack and be taken around with you as you travel. One of the problems with these devices, however, is that you always need to keep track of them. 3D printed contact lenses could give you some of the functionality of these devices, wherever you go. For example, researchers have looked into how soft and flexible contacts could be created with LEDs and sensors, bringing them that much closer to figuring out how to incorporate cameras into the lenses. Being able to record high quality photos and videos of your surroundings could help you capture the moment in an instant.