How Public Opinion Polling Helps Give Ordinary Citizens a Voice

Aug 19, 2022 by

How Public Opinion Polling Helps Give Ordinary Citizens a Voice

Our nation was built on representation and giving ordinary citizens the chance to make their voices heard in the government. This most commonly manifests through voting on ballot measures and electing representatives. However, there is another way that citizens can influence the government by making their voices heard.

Public opinion polling gives citizens a platform to make their thoughts and attitudes known to the people in charge. While ballot voting may give citizens an opportunity to influence legislation in an official capacity, public opinion polls can influence which laws make it on the ballot in the first place. If lawmakers know there is a demand for legislative changes, they will be more willing to consider amendments and additions to the existing state, city, and federal laws.

Furthermore, many candidates are wary of the citizens’ views on specific issues and the government’s response to them. Since our leaders are elected democratically, a candidate who cannot please the people has no chance of being elected. When citizens make their approval or disapproval known through public opinion polling, candidates may change their platform based on a poll’s results.

Because of the two-party system, candidates are often hesitant to adopt positions that differ from their constituents. Through public opinion polling, registered members of a political party can influence whether candidates from their political party maintain the status quo or break the norms through their positions.

Public opinion polling is important because it allows politicians to stay connected with the average citizen. If you are an officeholder or a candidate seeking office who wants a fresh perspective on current issues, be sure to contact John Zogby Strategies for high-quality public opinion polling and political survey services.

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