Construction Project Management: How to Overcome Common Issues

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Construction Project Management: How to Overcome Common Issues

Summary: The importance of managing a construction site properly is doubling as new methods are introduced to the industry.

The technicalities of construction project management are reaching new heights. What used to be a process that was handled through traditional methods are now requiring the use of additional tools and approaches. Furthermore, today’s project managers have more responsibility on their shoulders, requiring them to not only oversee the execution of the blueprints, but the economics as well. This guide is designed to showcase a few things to look out for as your construction business completes its jobs.

Improvisation Doesn’t Always Lead to Success

Many construction companies will utilize standard approaches and methods when performing job tasks. However, the whole risk management aspect goes out the window when field systems are essentially improvised upon or subverted. It’s important that you develop standards that will be easily understood by your team as well as met with minimal resistance. For instance, create a simple and concise list of your top 10 systems and leave it as a reference. Now, you have something to refer to when training new employees and as an evaluation tool to critique the performance of your project managers.

Always Stay One Step Ahead

Many obstructions to a successful job show up right at the beginning of the construction phase. Most of the time, it can be blamed on a lack of preconstruction planning. It’s critical that you engage in detail discussions about a project before your team actually begins the construction phase. For instance, identifying environmental hazards or working with time constraints will bring to light some of the issues that you might have in front of you.

A formal preconstruction process strengthens your odds of minimizing changes – which can cost you a fortune. The specifics of the process vary based on the company and project type. However, all project management teams should always anticipate all job costs to mitigate risks. Furthermore, you can enlist the help of one of the many construction advisory services if you require the aid of a professional.

Lyle Charles, a famed mediator and construction expert, specializes in providing construction advice and has worked with project management for decades.

Promote Leadership

Your project managers should all understand the meaning of “accountability”. When working on the hiring process, it helps to look back at your company’s recent history and pinpoint where accountability errors have occurred. Be sure to pinpoint dangerous areas for each project manager and keep them honest. For new hires, adamantly explain to them about the totalities of their responsibilities.

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