Should you get a mattress topper or a new mattress?

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Should you get a mattress topper or a new mattress?

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Are you realizing that your mattress isn’t comfortable enough to give you a good night’s rest? You might be considering either getting a mattress topper or a mattress replacement. But which of these two options is best for you? That depends on several factors.

The biggest factor is probably your budget. A new mattress is obviously a bigger investment than a mattress topper. If you currently own an expensive newly bought mattress or if you don’t have the funds for a $500 new mattress, getting a mattress topper is a more convenient option. If your mattress is in good shape and comfort is your only issue, a mattress topper will fix your problems without burning a hole in your wallet.

Another big factor is the condition of your mattress. If your mattress has years of wear and tear or major structural damage, you might not be able to fix its problems with a mattress topper. Even after getting a mattress topper, you might still wake up sore or have a hard time falling asleep. In this case, making a bigger investment in a new mattress is the best option in the long run. If you’re still unsure what to do, it’s probably a safer bet to test the waters with a mattress topper than a new mattress. It’s easier to spend less money on a topper before deciding you’d rather get a mattress replacement than vice versa. In any case, The Foam Factory carries multiple high-quality memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers. Be sure to browse through all their options before you decide what you want to do.

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