What Are The Differences Between Standard, Enhanced, And REAL IDs?

Aug 22, 2019 by

What Are The Differences Between Standard, Enhanced, And REAL IDs?

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There are three different kinds of driver’s licenses that you can get at most DMV locations and these can be referred to as either standard, enhanced, or REAL IDs. While the whole process of how to get these is mostly the same, the applications and purposes of these can be completely different.

A standard driver’s license has nothing special about it and its only purpose is to allow you to drive. An enhanced driver’s license allows usually costs more but it allows you to cross the U.S. borders by land and sea. It is a REAL driver’s license, however, that allows you to travel to other countries across the ocean such as England, China, or South Africa.

Most elderly people who do not intend on going anywhere or crossing any borders usually just get their standard ID renewed. Both REAL and enhanced IDs both take longer than a standard license to process, but only the enhanced and REAL ones enable you to travel with them. The enhanced ID allows you to travel to places like Canada, Mexico, and some of the islands nearby, but does not work for countries on the other side of the Pacific or Atlantic.

Another difference with this and the REAL ID compared to the standard is that both of these require two people to handle the applicant. This means that it is much more secure and harder to for any sort of fraud to happen which is one of the reasons why there is a push for all IDs to be REAL ones.

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