Jewelry tips

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Jewelry tips
Beautiful shiny diamonds on black background

Beautiful shiny diamonds on black background

Article by Christian Jewelry.

With many jewelry online shopping websites selling a variety of designs, at different prices, buying the right pieces of jewelry can be daunting. Here are some jewelry tips that will help you avoid buyer’s regret.

Bracelets – cuffs are a good investment as they are bold and graphic. For those wearing a slim fitting, long sleeved dress or top you could wear your cuff over your sleeve. Classic bangles in a variety of widths are also a good buy as they can be worn with a maxi dress or with a floral top and jeans.

Rings – Rings fall into 3 categories; engagement, wedding, and fashion. Usually, the first 2 depend on budget and taste, but the 3rd category can be fun and bold. Spend your money on pieces that can be worn alone or with other rings.

Necklaces – Necklaces will depend on your necklines. Higher necklines, like crew, turtleneck, look best with an opera length (26 to 36 inches), Plunging necklines, on the other hand, look best with princess length (17 to 19 inches). For strapless necklines, choose a choker or a princess style. But avoid a necklace for halters or one-shoulders, as this will distract the eye. For these necklines opt for earrings only.

Watches – With many watch designs, from oversize, dainty to sporty, finding a watch to suit your wrist and style can take some time. For those who want a watch to wear to work from day to night, it is best to go for something of medium size, in a neutral

Earrings – Make sure you have a wearable earring like a stud or a small sized loop for everyday wear. As an investment, pearls provide more quality for 75% of the cost of diamonds.

Online shopping discount jewelry can be a good place to start your search, just make sure you buy from reputed websites.


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