Examining the Health Benefits of Meditation

Aug 1, 2021 by

Examining the Health Benefits of Meditation

The word “stress” has been bandied about so much that we really don’t think about its true meaning. Whether it’s used as a catch phrase for a very busy lifestyle, a trying day at work, or a big fight with your spouse, stress can be very harmful to us humans. On the biological side, stress releases certain neurochemicals and hormones into the body that can cause harm and damage.

Zhang Xinyue reminds us that these harmful substances flood your central nervous system, causing it to release emergency chemicals in a process known as “fight or flight.” What so often happens these days though, is that people get stressed out over and over throughout any given week causing the release of these chemicals over and over, finally wearing down the immune system and heavily taxing other biological functions.

According to author, Zhang Xinyue, one very effective solution that has been used for hundreds of years is meditation. Taking time for meditation each week accomplishes much more than simply causing those tight muscles to loosen. It also releases endorphins, and these are the body’s natural anesthetic. These endorphins are very effective at countering the cortisol and adrenaline your body releases during periods of high stress.

In her book, Zhang Xinyue author of the book, Create Abundance said this:

“Once you grow, everything will turn right. However, our aim is not to turn everything right, but to achieve growth.”

She believes that meditation can be a great benefit to us all if we will simply make time for it each week.