Make sure you choose the right kind of sound proofing foam

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Make sure you choose the right kind of sound proofing foam

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When you hear the words “sound proofing foam,” the first image that comes to mind may be the wedge or pyramid-shaped acoustic foam panels arranged on the walls of music studios. The purpose of these foam panels is sound absorption, rather than sound blocking. They are perfect if you need sound dampening for music or speech recordings because they do not eliminate sound completely. However, if you covered your walls in traditional wedged acoustic foam panels, they would only be able to block around 20 to 30 percent of sound waves from the outside of the room. They work well when you’re trying to reduce ambient noise and unwanted echoes inside a room, but they may not be the best choice for blocking sound coming from outside a room.

If you want to stop sound from your noisy neighbors or the street outside your room, the foam must be used in conjunction with multiple physical barriers and purposeful, intelligent use of space inside the room. Some of the best types of foam for this job include Neoprene sound barriers and Volara foam, but you might also have to do some construction work such as thickening your walls and making your room’s structure less conducive to unwanted sound from outside.

Whether you’re a musician or voiceover artist in need of better room acoustics or a homeowner dealing with noise issues, The Foam Factory’s collection of acoustic foam products can help you achieve the right balance of sound waves within your room. Make sure to contact them today for helpful suggestions about which type of foam product is right for your project.

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