Renting a Car in Grand Cayman

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If you’re headed to Grand Cayman, it’s suggested that you rent a car. Having your own set of wheels allows you to tackle your vacation at your own pace, and usually frees you up to see more parts of the island. It’s much faster than walking, and you can get GPS to help navigate new territory. This list of tips will help you find and enjoy a rental car in Grand Cayman.


The first thing to inquire about is whether the Grand Cayman rent-a-car service will pick you up at the airport. That is the ideal method, where they bring you to sign in for the car and show you the drop-off point. Not every service will offer a pickup, and they legally cannot do so if there is baggage involved. There may be a terminal near or inside the airport, usually within about 90 seconds walking distance from where you deplane. You should also review your options for public transportation. You might be able to catch a bus to your hotel and find a rental car outlet closer to your destination.


There are usually at least two types of coverage plans you can get with Cayman Islands car rentals. Full coverage usually covers anything that can happen to the car for the extent of the contract, but there may be limits on liability (usually well above the value of the car). This kind of coverage also covers bodily injury, which can be costly if you don’t have the insurance for it. Deductible coverage is often cheaper than full coverage, but you would need to pay before repairs could be made.

Also, be aware that insurance only covers the insured driver. If someone drives the car without insurance, you may be liable for the outcome whether you purchased insurance or not.


For the most part, Grand Cayman roads are easy to navigate. The roads are flat, so you can see for miles. Still, any unfamiliar area is made much easier when you have a guide. Rental cars can be outfitted with GPS units you can use to find your destinations, or find shortcuts. GPS is also useful for those who have a hard time orienting themselves in a new space. Although, there is often a small charge for using the device with your car.
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