The Natural Tendencies of the Pitbull Breed

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The Natural Tendencies of the Pitbull Breed

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Summary: Pitbulls, contrary to the mainstream belief, are rational and friendly animals by nature.

Ideally, one would expect a pitbull’s natural behavior to be irrational, spontaneous, and even dangerous. Assumptions are often made based on their violent past. Realistically however, pitbulls are friendly, intelligent, and even goofy. They make great household pets and can even be around children without posing a threat. Technically, it’s up to the owner to train and guide his or her pitbull to a healthy and non-aggressive lifestyle.

Proper Socialization

Known for their strong companionship and intuition, pitbull puppies shy away from danger and rarely turn to aggression unless the situation demands it – this can be caused through fear, environment, or abuse. If they’re treated with love and respect from the get-go, you’ll notice how loving they can be to you and your family. Remember, pitbulls don’t make the best guard dogs unless they’re trained to be. They are more likely to lick an intruder as opposed to scaring him off. It is recommended that you keep away from introducing your pitbull to guard or protection dog training – this can severely impact his or her behavior and may end up even hurting you if you’re not careful. There are other breeds out there that make a more suitable guard dog and pose little threat to their owner – pitbulls aren’t what you’re looking for if you want an “added security feature” to you household. Now, pitbulls may show natural dog-directed aggression, but their sensitivity to other dogs vary. A properly trained and socialized pitbull will not instigate, yet if another dog challenges him or her, note that your pitbull won’t back down. Essentially, they won’t shy away from a challenge.

It’s important not to misjudge a pitbull based on their past. The media often misrepresents this breed and consequentially, it leads to the abandonment and misuse of pitbulls all around the world. Aggression towards humans is, and never was, a natural tendency that. However, note that pitbulls can be territorial and any signs of aggression that are shown towards them can be viewed in their eyes as a fight. For instance, take blue nose pitbulls for example. They can be silly, playful, and fun to be around, but if someone were to suddenly make a move that seems aggressive to them, they may react in a defensive action – although it should be noted that you’ll more than likely notice this before it can escalate.

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