Spring and Egg Rolls

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Spring and Egg Rolls

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Wontons are not a made up part of the American-Chinese cuisine, they actually do date back to ancient China. The wonton is not all that different from an eggroll. It is made with similar dough, and both dishes are stuffed with similar ingredients.

It amounts to street food in Hong Kong, where it is deep-fried and served with a sauce not unlike Worcestershire sauce. Spring rolls are incredibly popular in Veitnam, where they are considered a delicacy. Fresh spring rolls are typically rolled with minced pork into rice paper. Sometimes they are deep fried, but they are usually smaller than the Chinese version.

The menu is a good clue as to what you’re eating. Uncooked spring rolls that consist of fresh vegetables will usually be called “summer rolls.” It’s also common to find seafood inside of spring rolls, either minced like tuna or served whole like shrimp.

The spring roll has significance as a symbol of prosperity. It is believed that the roll is like a gold nugget, probably due to its deep fried color and cherished nature. It’s also common for Vietnamese spring rolls to have a wrapper made of lettuce, basil or mint. The Chinese tend to prefer their rolls plain, with the filling acting as center piece. Vietnamese cuisine is all about layers of flavor, which is why they tend to prefer a leafy wrapping that adds additional flavors to the mix. The Vietnamese also prefer rice paper to lumpia wrappers.

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