The dental process when getting a filling

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The dental process when getting a filling

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Dental anxiety is a common condition where people are nervous about dental visits and often put them off altogether. However, it is important to see a dentist if you think you have a cavity or any other dental problem as soon as possible, to reduce further damage.

The steps below can help anxious patients relax and prepare for a filling.

The initial examination – To determine treatment, patients will need to visit their dentist to check if they have a cavity or a fracture. Usually, a dentist will need an X-ray or use dental dye to assess the strength of the tooth.

The filling – Patients will not need to do anything extra to prepare for a filling. Consider scheduling the procedure in the morning as anxious patients may want to complete the procedure as soon as possible. The time the procedure will take depends on the severity of the condition.

Local anesthetic – Numbing the area with a topical gel or an injection will reduce discomfort near the area. On request, a dentist can administer nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) to make patients more comfortable.

The damaged tooth – After the local anesthetic, the decay or damage will be removed and a filling placed over the area. A dentist will use an instrument that uses water pressure to gently remove decay while a suction device will remove debris. The tooth will be further cleaned with an antibiotic gel to remove all bacteria.

The filling – The filling a dentist uses will depend on the level of decay and the patient’s preferences. In most cases, dentists use amalgam or resin fillings. The process involves placing an adhesive material to stick the filling to the tooth. Lastly, the filling will be smoothened out and polished to feel natural.

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