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Whether you’re new to the game of soccer or have been playing for years, it’s important to have the right apparel when out on the field. Sure, you can play soccer barefoot with sweat pants, but wearing the right apparel will ensure that you play a safe and proper game of soccer. Not sure whether you really need soccer cleats or goalkeeper gloves? The answer is yes. There is a purpose for every piece of apparel worn by soccer players. Here’s a list of gear and apparel that will enhance the game and your performance.

The Right Soccer Shoes

The foundation to playing a proper game of soccer is wearing the right shoes, or soccer cleats. Designed for the game of soccer, cleats will enhance your performance whether you’re playing indoors, outdoors, or in the rain. There are many different types of cleats on the market, including cleats designed for firm, soft, and hard grounds. You can also find Nike soccer shoes specifically designed for indoor use and artificial turf. The key is to wear the right cleats depending on the surface you will be playing on or the weather conditions outside.

The Right Soccer Uniform

You can’t play a game of soccer without breaking a sweat. For this reason soccer should be played in the right outfit, a uniform designed to keep the player cool and comfortable during a heated game. Wearing the right apparel will ensure that you play your best. A typical soccer uniform consists of jersey top, shorts, and socks. A classic jersey is made of synthetic material and should keep you dry.

The Right Protection

Soccer can be a brutal sport. Make sure you’re protected by wearing the right gear. When it comes to ensuring safety on the field, soccer players should wear shin guards, designed to protect a player’s shins from injury. Proper shin guards will protect against breaks, bruises, and other injuries. There are many different types of shin guards on the market, but the classic style is made of a soft and durable inside material and a hard shell. Some shin guards also come with a detachable ankle sock for ankle protection.

Are you a goalkeeper? Other soccer gear designed for protection includes gloves for goalkeepers. Goalkeeper gloves are designed to provide a player with good grip and ball control. They should be made of a material that works in either dry or wet conditions. Headgear is also available for all soccer players, but it’s not mandatory.


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