The Impact of 4G Mobile Internet on RV Travelers

May 11, 2023 by

The Impact of 4G Mobile Internet on RV Travelers

Modern advances in technology and engineering have allowed people to essentially live their entire lives on the road. RVs and mobile homes have everything you need to survive and thrive with one crucial exception that you will have to purchase on your own. This exception is a good Internet connection that you can take with you on the road.

Even RV travelers and self-described nomads may need access to the Internet to stay connected to the outside world. If you’ve decided to provide for your needs and your never-ending trip expenses by doing remote work, you will need a way to connect to your work portal so you can converse with your co-workers and employer. Furthermore, if you want to stay connected to your friends and family through social media, you will need a way to consistently get a hold of them.

While there are a few options that travelers can use as RV WiFi plans, unlimited satellite Internet and 4G mobile Internet are two that stand out for their high performance and their ability to reach remote areas. While satellite Internet has a wider reach, it also has a few weaknesses potential customers should be aware of, such as high latency, unreliable service in the presence of obstructions, and a setup process that drains your time and money.

In contrast, RV mobile Internet service providers like UbiFi use cell towers throughout rural America and other areas to provide ongoing Internet connectivity with lower levels of latency than satellite Internet. Mobile Internet is also less prone to disruptions from obstructions and is relatively quick and easy to set up.

Be sure to do some research on the coverage areas of UbiFi and other mobile Internet providers so you know where you can get the best coverage from mobile Internet providers.