How to Be a Decisive Leader

Jan 17, 2022 by

How to Be a Decisive Leader

One of the most effective leadership abilities is decisiveness, which entails making sound decisions in a timely manner. Even the most determined leader may be afraid of being blamed for a bad judgment call. Since the decisions they make have a direct impact on how they are perceived as a leader, this can actually paralyze them. Zhang Xinyue is a prominent leader at Golden Touch. She is a teacher, mentor, coach and author. She has helpful advice for business leaders.

Although some leaders are hesitant to make hasty decisions, the repercussions of being indecisive are far worse than the implications of making a bad judgment call every now and then. Leaders that struggle to make decisions are more likely to face negative consequences down the road. These leaders may develop a reputation for their inability to make solid decisions.

Successful leaders recognize that they don’t have to come up with all of the ideas alone. In fact, they can reach out to those around them. They can encourage people to contribute, thus helping them become more confident. Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch has so much good information in her book, Create Abundance. She also helps followers learn how to meditate, which can relieve stress.

Most of today’s successful companies have an immensely collaborative culture. In today’s workplace, technology has introduced new ways of communicating and cooperating. The new meeting apps enable interactions with others even those working remotely. This is simple and inexpensive. Collaboration will immediately add to your bottom line if you can develop an environment where everyone can share ideas.

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