How Ground Power Unit (GPU) Works

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How Ground Power Unit (GPU) Works

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Most starter generators and motors rely on turbine engines operating with over 30 volts without experiencing any issue. Once the starter is activated, the intensity of the amperage draw is at its highest. This draw can reach up to 1000 amps depending on the engines.

At the gas engine start up process, in order to sustain the motion, the amount of amperage required falls significantly during the activation phase. The battery that is used for this purpose would thus need to be effectively enough to cope with the pressure and the drop in voltage. Normally, once the pressure load is applied to the battery, the voltage would be reduced significantly. In order to ensure proper starting of the turbines, the drop in voltage needs to be kept to a minimum.

A lowered level of battery voltage will normally give out a lower amount of amperage. A number of starter motors even require that the battery voltage is brought down to 15 volts during the startup phase. However, ideally, most engines manufactures would be needing about 28 volts in order to be able to cope with the decline in voltage.

External ground power units (GPU) for used to cater to this difference in voltage. A GPU sends around 20% of the energy requirements to the motor while facilitating the process and giving out less heat. An additional benefit of the use of the GPU is that it contributes to extending the turbine’s life.

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