My Grandmother’s Peach Cobbler: Selling her Production

Oct 14, 2013 by

A staple of childhood was my grandmother’s cooking. She was an artist in the kitchen. And more holiday meals were shared at her house than any other. Her classic dish was the peach cobbler made entirely by scratch. Not only her family, but friends would also rave about her amazing desert.

As I got older, I was surprised to discover that very few people could perform the same kind of wonders in a kitchen. I had automatically assumed that every family possessed at least one miracle worker. As for me, I took it upon myself to learn how to make, at the very least, that one desert to share with my family. And after years of experiments, I’ve gotten pretty close.

My choice to start a food business came from the desire to share my her legacy. And with the ease of packaging food these days, it may finally become a reality. One small business loan later and access to a larger kitchen, my family and I will be making that final jump.

It isn’t to say that we haven’t had a lot to learn. The truth is both the state and federal inspectors had quite a list of things we needed to do. We have had a few hiccups along the way. However, we do feel we have a product that fills a niche well enough. And with the help of a decent marketing consultant, we seem to be ready to go.

Packaged foods have produced over sixty billion dollars last year and are even beginning to rival the unhealthy fast food market. And we are proud to say that we will be producing a healthier alternative. It is our hope that one day soon your family may get the chance to enjoy some of my grandmother’s cooking as well.

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