Post-DUI Violations: What Happens Now?

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Post-DUI Violations: What Happens Now?

Once you receive a DUI conviction, you are officially on the radar of law enforcement.  A DUI is a serious issue in itself, however, there is an ever more serious matter–driving with a suspended or revoked license after receiving a DUI.  In these cases, jail and community service time are typically mandatory.  The length of the suspension or revocation also gets extended.  In certain cases, you may even be expected to forfeit the vehicle you were driving at the time of the incident.

In many of these cases, particularly for those with a long history of offenses, prosecutors can charge you with a felony and press for time in prison.  If you find yourself in this situation, definitely hire a DUI defense lawyer.  The right lawyer may be able to help you receive a lighter sentence than jail time, such as community service.  In some cases, jail time may only be minimized rather than completely eliminated.  Either way, meeting with an experienced lawyer, particularly one in DUI cases, can help you to understand your situation better.

If you haven’t had any further violations since your first DUI, there may possibly be ways to expunge a criminal record.  However, every case is different and needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

Obviously getting around without a license can be a real hassle.  Most cities in the U.S. are not accommodating in terms of public transportation.  With that being said, if you’ve been caught driving with an invalid license, make sure to be careful in the future.  Make the right choices that will allow for a new beginning instead of getting yourself into deeper trouble.

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