Themed Conference Rooms in the Office

Nov 3, 2019 by

Themed Conference Rooms in the Office

As teaming comes to the forefront of many businesses’ minds, it is important to create spaces where employees will want to gather. Having themed conference rooms will allow teams to change up the scenery as needed, thus allowing their creative juices to flow and avoiding monotony in the office.

The Tropical Room

Who would not like a trip to a tropical island? While not always possible with work schedules, you can provide your employees with a little bit of “Aloha” by decorating a conference room with blues to remind them water and neutrals to emulate sand. Use wicker office furniture to match the environment and provide the ultimate relaxation workstation.

The Forest Room

For those employees who are more interested in pine trees than palm trees, consider creating a forest conference room. Bring out your employees’ love of nature with deeper green and brown decor, and use cabin-like wooden furniture for them to work on.

The Urban Room

Some people prefer the comforts of a big city over the shade of tall trees or the ocean breeze. Provide a more modern space using tones of grey and white on the walls, and place clean-cut furniture for them to create clean-cut work products.

Giving employees different types of work spaces helps them be excited about using them. Consider using wicker chairs around your conference table to give a different feel to your office. Specialty furniture stores, like Wicker Paradise, can help you create these beautiful work spaces. Teaming will rise, morale will improve, employee retention will increase, and your business will thrive.

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