How to Make Your Studio Apartment More Spacious

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In college you may have had numerous roommates. Whether sharing a dorm or an apartment, your housing unit was always shared with others. Regardless of your circumstances, you may now want to move into your own place. In bigger cities like Los Angeles and New York City, for example, having your own place can be considered quite a luxury many dream of but few can actually afford. That being said, studio apartments where the apartment is essentially one large room, can be a more financially practical solution than renting a full-sized place.


One of the challenges of living in a studio apartment, however, is finding the proper layout where you can fit everything you need without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. If you currently feel yourself struggling to find this balance, continue reading for some ideas on how to make your studio apartment appear more spacious.


Multi-Purpose Items


Since you are likely limited in space in your studio apartment, you will need to focus on putting each square-inch to good use. A good method of doing so is looking for furniture pieces that have multiple purposes. For example, a coffee table that can open up for more storage space or a futon couch that can fold out into a bed will help you save space and decrease the amount of clutter in the apartment.


Opt for Lighter Colors


Dark colors may look slick and nice but they can actually make your studio apartment feel smaller than it actually is. Lighter colors, on the other hand, have the power to a room feel more inviting and more spacious. Experiment with white or lighter shades of color to really open the room up give off the illusion that the room is larger.


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