Tips to Sell Estate Jewelry

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Selling a piece of vintage jewellery can be a difficult decision to make because of the sentimentality of the items. That’s why you should be sure that you’re getting the best offer for the pieces you sell. Whether you’re clearing out your jewellery box or looking to pocket some extra money for something else, here is how you’ll get the best possible prices on your vintage rings and jewellery.
Antique rings are only as valuable as an appraiser says they are. Grandma’s favorite ring might be worth very little, or it could be a hidden gold mine. Once you have the piece appraised, you have removed all doubts. Bring your jewellery to a professional jeweler with certified appraisers to be sure that you’re getting an honest opinion.
Know the Costs
It helps to know the current prices of gold and silver, this way you’re not getting underbid on account of a lack of knowledge. If your pieces have diamonds in them, take time to read about the four C’s so you can learn what jewelers look for and what helps them sell a piece.
Clean the Items
Vintage pieces aren’t usually cleaned and are typically sold “as is.” That shouldn’t stop you from putting the best presentation forth when you sell your pieces. Do take the item to a jeweler to have it cleaned. Doing it yourself may cause unnecessary damage to the piece.
Don’t Go by Weight
You’ve heard the phrase: “worth its weight in gold.” It might sound hip, but the idea will get you undercut in a sale. This is why you must research your piece as thoroughly as possible. The craftsman who created the ring might be well known, or quite rare. In both cases, arming yourself with this knowledge will help you get a better sales price.
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