Why cantilever umbrellas are the best for fashion and function

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Why cantilever umbrellas are the best for fashion and function

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Are you the type of person who loves decorating and lounging on your patio, backyard, or outdoor dining area? If you are, you’ve probably put some thought into what type of umbrella you’d like to provide shade and added color to your lounging area. One option that might not have crossed your mind is the cantilever umbrella.

A cantilever is an architectural shape that consists of a beam that carries a load at one end and is attached to a fixed anchor or support at the other end. Since cantilevers are not fixed to a central point or pole like traditional umbrellas, they are good for providing shade without blocking visibility. They fold over and above you, leading to a breathable, unobstructed view of your garden, pool, and other outdoor surroundings. Furthermore, their unique shape makes them an attractive, eye-catching addition to your outdoor furniture. Your friends and family might not expect to see this unusual type of umbrella among your furnishings.

Wicker Paradise has a number of cantilever umbrellas in their selection of Treasure Garden umbrellas. These versatile umbrellas come in different colors, shapes, and features. There are even cantilever umbrellas with lights built into them for nighttime lounging or outdoor dining. Whether you’re interested in fashion or function, these umbrellas are a worthy addition to any collection of outdoor furniture. They also look great alongside wicker or rattan chairs and sofas. Order yours from Wicker Paradise today!

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