Avoiding negative reviews online

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Avoiding negative reviews online

Article provided by Revdex.com

Positive reviews are key to business success and help build strong customer relationships. Bad reviews, on the other hand, will be seen by many customers and can change current customer perceptions about a brand or business. Identifying unhappy customers before they have a chance to write a negative review is essential to maintaining a business’s star rating and its image.

Respond quickly – When a negative review is seen, a business should respond by contacting the customer directly and collecting as much information about the complaint. This will make a customer feel that their issue is being heard and is being looked into.

Make it right – Addressing the issue and satisfying the customer should be the aim of any successful business. Apologizing and offering the customer a discount, their money back, or redoing a service can help to regain customer trust. 

Request for the review to be removed – Politely ask the customer if they are happy with how their problem was handled. Let the customer know that their review has made the business change its procedures or standards. Inform the customer that their review can hurt the business and removing the review would be greatly appreciated. Often customers who are happy with their outcome will be willing to remove a negative review.

Bad reviews are common in business and can be a great way to understand a business’s target market and its expectations. Being afraid of bad reviews can be an unhealthy way of handling criticism as it can make employees act unprofessionally as they might be afraid of the consequences of their mistakes.

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