How a business should handle bad online reviews

Jun 23, 2021 by

How a business should handle bad online reviews

Online reviews are a key part of business success as most customers prefer to research products before their purchase. This being said, a bad review will be viewed by many customers and can hurt a business’s reputation. Handling a bad review correctly is the only way to manage negative feedback and improve business procedures.

The 3 strategies below can help businesses handle bad online reviews effectively:

Does the review need a response – If the comment includes minor complaints, it may not warrant a reply. If you must reply, make the response short by thanking the reviewer for their feedback. Other times negative comments may include a lengthy description of a customer’s experience. In these instances, it is best to understand if the comments are true or false. If the comments are true, apologize and contact the customer directly taking the conversation offline.

Do some research – Before replying to a negative review, collect all related facts concerning the incident. Speaking to a customer directly can help to clarify the situation without a long online email thread that will be publicly viewed.

Try to get the review removed – Offer the customer a refund, a discount, or redo the service. In most cases, once the customer is satisfied they will be willing to remove the review. However, avoid forcing or pleading with a customer to remove or amend a review. Instead, if a customer refuses, reply to their review with the resolution that was offered, but avoid mentioning the form of compensation as this can encourage other customers to do the same.

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