Considerations When Purchasing a Sports Radar Gun

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Whether you are a coach trying to get more information on your players, a professional scout looking to track the velocity of a pitcher’s throws or a player who wants a better assessment of your skills, having a high quality radar gun can be a major asset. It’s easier than ever to find affordable radar guns for sale and using a radar gun is very simple. For many people involved in sports, there’s simply no reason not to own a radar gun.

So what should you look for before purchasing a sports radar gun? Radar Gun Sales has a few considerations to keep in mind:

Type of Use: The type of radar gun that a police officer would use to track the speed of cars on the freeway might look the same as one used to track the velocity of a baseball, but they can actually be quite different. Radar guns designed to track large vehicles might not have the precision to target a small object like a baseball or hockey puck. A sports-specific item such as a JUGS radar gun is your best bet.

Power Sources: With any type of radar gun that you purchase, you’ll want to be able to use them on the field. This means not having access to a power supply and needing to run off of batteries. Depending on how often you use your gun, this can mean a significant additional expense. Some guns — such as a Stalker radar gun — have different options available that allow you to use rechargeable batteries.

Light Weight: A heavy gun will be difficult to use over time. If you are going to be tracking pitch speeds for an entire game, you want a lighter radar gun that is easier to carry. you also might want to consider accessories such as tripods if you are going to be using your radar gun for an extended period and don’t want to hold it up the entire time.

Different Ranges: Many radar guns designed for sports settings have features that help you to fine tune the results based on the type of sport speeds you are tracking. Common modes include:

  • Baseball Mode: With bidirectional guns in baseball mode, you can track multiple speeds during the same play. This can include the speed of a ball leaving a pitcher’s hand, the ball’s speed when it reaches the plate and the speed at which it travels after being hit by the bat.
  • Tennis Mode: This mode allows you to record the speed of balls on either side of the court as they are being served and returned.
  • Carnival Mode: You can use this mode to set up at the side of a carnival game to get a rough estimate of pitch speeds — such as when someone is trying to knock down milk jugs.


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