Points in Choosing the Right Food Transport Equipment

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Points in Choosing the Right Food Transport Equipment

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When you are running a food catering business, you will most probably encounter events held in other locations that require food to be transported. You need to select the right transportation equipment that will allow you to transfer food carefully. Your decision should be based on the kind of event that you will be catering as well the additional services that you are providing to your client.

Disposable Utensils and Other Catering Supplies

This is ideal to be used if you are asked to cater casual events where you just have to drop-off your food and no additional service is required. With disposable aluminum food pans, you can serve hot and cold dishes the same way as you would with reusable metal food trays. The difference is that you can leave these behind since your clients will most likely throw them after anyway.

Insulated Food Carriers

Food carriers with insulation materials allow you to maintain the hotness or coldness of the dishes that you will serve. These are useful especially if you don’t have built-in food warmers and coolers in your vehicle.

Disposable Cardboard Lunchboxes

If you are serving your clients with pre-packed dishes in individual orders, you can use cardboard boxes that are disposable so that you don’t have to lug around microwaveable ones. In the same way, you can make use boxes and plastic trays when serving appetizers when you are just delivering orders and not serving them.

Disposable Cups, Utensils and Other Accessories

Make sure to include paper napkins and utensils when transporting food. Plastic cups and utensils are ideal when your orders are mainly for drop-off purposes. Of course, the requirement changes if you need to cater on site and the event is more formal.

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